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Legal, Terms & Disclaimers


Cocki Anti-Contamination Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Cock Locks offer deterrence not absolute security. Cocki locks, and lock sets, are not vandal proof, nor does each lock set have a unique "daisy" key pattern. Cocki locks are patented per US Patent Nos. 4,878,515; 4,945,940 and other patents and/or patents pending. Cocki locks are made of hardened alloy steel that are typically electroplated with zinc, but may also be electroplated with nickle chromium or other metals for corrosion resistance. However, corrosion can occur and cause damage and/or leaching of metals. Furthermore, the alloys used in electroplating, like the alloys used in hardening, are regulated as either primary and/or secondary contaminants under the Safe Drinking Water Act and/or other Federal, State and Local regulations. This may be true of other products used in a similar capacity with potable water. Instructions and methods of use of Cocki locks are not necessarily approved by various water purveyors, cross-connection control entities or manufacturers. The customer assumes all responsibility for the use of Cocki locks.

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