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Santoi International

Cocki Anti-Contamination Locks

Protects Facilities with Backflow Prevention Assemblies

COCKI Anti-Contamination Test Cock Locks

Thank you for your interest in Santoi International Corporation's Cocki Anti-Contamination Backflow Preventer Test Cock Locks. These locks were first marketed over a decade ago. However, the market for backflow prevention assembly test cock locks did not justify the cost of production. Santoi International Corporation is no longer active and Cocki Test Cock Locks are no longer being marketed. This web site provides an informational resource as linked by Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention. A description of the previously marketed product is provided below.

Santoi International's patented Cocki backflow prevention assembly anti-contamination test cock locks are specifically designed mortise locking pipe-plugs that prevent dangerous and unauthorized test cock connections.

Backflow prevention assemblies, be they double check (DC) or reduced pressure zone (RPZ) type, have two shut off valves between which there are two in-line check valves. There are four test cocks that permit testing of the backflow preventer. The test cocks, especially on larger backflow preventers, are often used for unauthorized and potentially dangerous connections. Within seconds a facility could have it's water contaminated due to unprotected test cocks.

Patented Cocki Backflow Preventer Lock sets are designed to lock the opening of the test cocks to prevent unauthorized test cock connections. Furthermore, the numbered cable lock seal prevents closure of the up-stream shut-off valve which helps prevent refitting of the test cocks. Higher security installation by removal of the test cocks is also possible where permitted*.

Each patented Cocki Test Cock Lock set comes with: four electroplated hardened alloy* steel mortise locking pipe-plugs; a tenon key that fits the mortise; and a numbered cable lock-out tag. Cocki Anti-Contamination Backflow Preventer Locks are typically harder than a hammer, saw, chisel or drill. Cocki Locks are quick to install and fit slightly recessed so there are no protruding parts. A "daisy" key fits into the mating Cocki Lock to permit insertion and removal. Cocki Locks are available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" NPT diameters to fit most medium and larger backflow prevention assemblies. Cocki Anti-Contamination Backflow Prevernter Locks are made in the U.S.A.

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Protect your facilities with Cocki Anti-Contamination Test Cock Locks.




* Cocki Locks were made of hardened alloy steel that was electroplated with zinc, but may be electroplated with tripple nickle chromium or other alloys in possible future production. Cocki Locks provide deterrence, not absolute security.

Backflow device manufacturers and regulatory authorities may not approve of certain types of patented Cocki lock installations. The purchaser assumes all risk of use of Cocki Locks. US patent numbers 4,878,515 & 4,945,940 and/or other patents or patents pending. See legal.

Backflow prevention assembly manufacturers were offered several patented products to prevent unauthorized test cock connections, but showed little or no interest in such safety product(s).